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Ruta Las Flores


Pleasant corridor that crosses one of the most flourishing areas of El Salvador, crossing through forests coffee where the cool weather prevails, visit and interact in interesting places of culture and history, quirky food and direct contact with our natural resources.


Nahuizalco:  Beautiful City located 70 Kms dela Capital with a strong presence of indigenous colonial church built in the seventeenth century, local economic Its heritage cottage industry based on natural fiber, Wood, Wicker, Tule, among others; Visit Artisan Development Center to learn about creativity and finesse of the industrious hands that express everyday beauty of these works, and Heritage Interpretation Center.


Salcoatitán:  City of artists has art galleries and permanent exhibitions, Located 1045 meters above sea level, you can enjoy the typical food in its central square and admire your newly reconstructed colonial church, the village where the first plant was grown coffee virtuoso, Current assets of that town.


Juayúa:  His name means “River of Orchids Mansions”, located 1,025 meters above sea level, founded in 1877 with its name, its economy is based on coffee growing and production of ornamental plants, can enjoy their traditional gastronomic fair held every weekends, you can not miss its stunning waterfalls and pristine natural surroundings, enjoy the Gourmet coffee is produced and served in this cool community.


Apaneca:  the city is located at higher elevations of El Salvador to 1477 meters. Founded in 1577 as such, originating from one of the best coffees in the world, in their jurisdiction is Santa Leticia, very important archaeological site for its stone carvings of pre-Columbian origin, Apaneca is also synonymous with exciting adventure activities such as: Canopy, motorcycle tour, buggies, hiking, camping, paragliding, among others.


Ataco:  A 1275 m, charming colonial city smelling villa, with cobblestone streets, colonial church and belonging to The Izalcos from its inception until 1824 that became part of Sonsonate and then Abroad, surrounded by coffee plantations and constantly decorated the fog, you can see the development of textile yarns in their workshops still work with machines that craft. Also enjoy folk music in its central square the weekend afternoons sipping drinks and typical dishes.

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El Salvador Fresh