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Archaeological Route


It represents an approach to one of the most advanced cultures of humanity, the Mayan culture in El Salvador know the only site in the Maya world where you can see the daily life of its inhabitants and has been declared a world heritage site, Joya de Ceren, and monumental sites, ceremonial centers and museums, is a journey into the past something very interesting and cultural.

Joya de Ceren:  dela Heritage Site declared by UNESCO in 1993, conocerála Domestic Architecture of the Maya, as well as its beautiful ceramic samples, this park has a wide Archaeological Museum, Guides and interpretive trails. Located 36 Kms from San Salvador.


San Andrés:  Ceremonial Site, Central Political and Astronomical Observations place could have ruled Zapotitán Valley has pyramidal structures and archaeological research currently taking place in your area there are traces of indigo obraje was buried by the eruption of Volcano Playon in 1658 and flooded by the waters of the Rio Sucio.


Tazumal:  Ceremonial Site, which has the tallest pyramid discovered in El Salvador with 24 Mts tall.In the museum there is a sculpture lytic 4 sides with embossed found in 1942 and dating DE800 AC approx. It has an interesting archaeological museum with many jewels.


White House:  Archaeological Park with several pyramidal structures, museum, and an interesting interactive workshop indigo dyeing (Indigo) where you can design your own drawings to translate them into clothing.

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